Recently, I sat down with Greg and Laurie Summerlin, the founders of GL Robotics. Our meeting allowed me to gain some valuable insight into the mission and driving force of this company.

Q: To begin with, in your own words, who is GL Robotics?

→ G: GL Robotics is a resource for you. Our mission is to be the gateway to new technology for the everyday, hardworking individual who is unable to dedicate large amounts of time to understanding and exploring this field. We serve as a central place to explore new technologies as they come to market, and offer individualized advice and support. We have direct contact with the manufacturers, and we consistently test our products and services in real-world environments to help you make an informed decision.

→ L: GL Robotics is a family owned business committed to helping individuals and businesses bring new technologies into their daily lives. This technology will create freedom from the time spent on mundane tasks and allow our consumers to focus on more important things, like family and friends or labor tasks which require more skill and craftsmanship.

Q: Why were you inspired to start this company?

→ L: We have mentored a local middle/high school B.E.S.T. Robotics team for the past four years. This competition focuses on a different real-world problem each year and teams are challenged to design a robot to address that problem. Because of this program, [Greg and I] began to notice daily tasks that could be accomplished more efficiently by robots.

Q: What is your goal for GL Robotics?

→ G: We believe that robotics is the forefront of the next industrial revolution. Our goal is to help everyone benefit from the robotics revolution by exposing and educating about products. Robotics is a complex field which can be confusing and intimidating. GL Robotics is committed to learning about leading technologies and helping you transition them into your everyday activities.

→ L: Our goal is to help individuals overcome the hurdles of new technologies by offering local support & expertise, as well as finance options to make implementing robots easier.

Q: What services do you offer?

→ G: We offer robotic lawn mowers, 3D printing services, and 3D printing filament refills to individuals and businesses. We also offer robotic floor scrubbing machines for commercial users.

Q: Where can I find out more?

→ L: You can visit our website at, or email We are also on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest at glroboticsusa. ⍙