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Did you know GL Robotics offers 3D Printing Services?

Yes we do. 3D printing is one of the many 3D services provided by us. 

The process begins with a CAD (computer-aided design) drawing. If the customer does not have a CAD drawing, we offer a basic design service. We are not an engineering firm, so customers are encouraged to have their designs created by a CAD professional if they want something completely custom and complex. The cost is based on the complexity of the part and the design time.

3D CAD Image example for GL Robotics

Once we have the design at GL Robotics, we determine the function and aesthetic requirement. This comes down to what you are planning to use your 3D print for. The material GL Robotics uses is determined by the required strength of the desired object and whether it will be used outdoors and how much heat it must withstand. Some 3D filament withstands heat and sun exposure better than others. Since we have been in the 3D world for so long, we know which filament is best for each situation. Our other News Articles go more in depth on our 3D filament.

Next, the computer-aided design file is converted to a stereolithography file (STL file) This converts the object in a series of triangles creating the outer structure.

STL File for GL Robotics 3D printing services

Then, the STL file is loaded into a slicer such as Cura or Prusa Slicer which slices the part into .15-.3mm layers for 3D printing.

Slicer File from STL for 3D Printing Services

Finally, a prototype is made for testing and once the customer approves it then GL Robotics will make the quantity specified by the customer.

Throughout the years we have worked with individuals, schools, and large corporations. We pride ourselves in our customer service from start to finish. We also know how important it is to have the right color filament for your 3D prints, so we offer custom colors in some of our popular 3D filament

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