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We are not always in the shop working on the next 3D print or processing filament orders, we enjoy getting out and supporting their community. Which is one of the reasons why GL Robotics is a proud sponsor of the local Homeschool Robotics team, Ridgecrest Robotics, in Dothan AL.

Ridgecrest started their team in 2015 and has had much success. Ridgecrest Robotics' team consists of thirty-six middle and high school students. They have two departments, marketing and engineering, each with its own set of responsibilities. They promote not only business and engineering abilities but also teamwork and dedication. Their marketing department teaches public presentation, website design, making a commercial, and building a walk-through booth. The engineering department consists of brainstorming and going through idea after idea, programming, learning to safely use power tools, and building a fully functioning robot. The goal is to motivate students to find what they are passionate about and to pursue it to the utmost. 

Ridgecrest Robotics Team Members

Ridgecrest also strives to inspire and educate children outside of the classroom. They make the most of any outreach opportunity that comes their way. They welcomed the Boy Scouts of America to their marketing facility, where they demonstrated the features and functionalities of S.C.A.R.A.B; this year’s competition robot, and discussed engineering with them. They also took their Engineering Director, Head Programmer, and Communications Director to Time Youth, a children's after-school program, to discuss engineering, programming, and their team. 

We at GL Robotics took advantage of the opportunity to attend their local robotics competition in Troy, Alabama. They competed against thirteen other schools. We saw the students' hard work and dedication come to life as they competed and won numerous awards. They won first place in Robot Performance, first place in Engineering Notebook, first place in Robust Robot, first place in Founders Award, first place in Video, second place in Team Exhibit, third place in Marketing Presentation, and second place in BEST Award Overall. Ridgecrest Robotics will compete in the state competition in Auburn for the seventh year in a row. 

Ridgecrest Robotics Robot, S.C.A.R.A.B. Stands for Safely Containing And Recovering All Buildings

BEST [Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology] Robotics is a non-profit organization that helps students develop marketing and engineering abilities. It is a national six-week robotics competition hosted each fall across the United States. Every year, BEST develops a game field design based on real-life scenarios. This year's goal was to create a robot that could safely demolish structures for demolition personnel. The state competition is hosted by Auburn University, where the best teams compete for the title of best in the state.

Thank you for supporting our small business, so we can support our community!

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