GL Robotics New 3D Printer: AnyCubic Vyper News Article

If you guessed that with a name like “Vyper” the newest 3D printer by leading global 3D printer brand, Anycubic, is pretty fierce, you guessed right. In fact, it is the first completely automated leveling FDM system of its kind. Anycubic already has an impressive lineup, but this premium addition to its FDM 3D printer collection is equipped with amazing one-touch leveling. With faster computing speed and a smoother system, we’ve added the high-performance Cortex- M3 architecture main control chip and 32-bit motherboard to our offering here at GL Robotics.

Why an AnyCubic 3D printer from GL Robotics

Why an Anycubic 3D Printer?

Spear-heading innovation, Anycubic is among the best in the 3D printing industry. The company is among the leading experts in 3D printer R&D. From product designers to schools and everyone in between they have helped many create incredible 3D projects while propelling the 3D printing technology to where it is today.

You may be wondering what makes the Anycubic Vyper so special. After all, there are many FDM machines available, what could possibly set this one apart? The answer is simple. This machine’s auto-leveling capabilities are not like any other 3D printers within this price range. The smart-leveling system is designed with a 16-point leveling module and a precise pressure strain gauge. That means, if there is even the slightest amount of unevenness on the printer bed, the smart-leveling system will automatically correct and adjust it. The cutting-edge bed technology is unique in and of itself. It combines soft magnetic rubber with spring steel, so the 3D printed models are made far more resistant, easier to remove, harder to deform, and overall makes it easier for users. The large 4.3-inch touchscreen is a premium feature as is the new user interface, which makes performance a simpler and smoother operation.

GL Robotics Anycubic Vyper 3D printer

Even better? The Anycubic Vyper moves at lightning speed! It can reach up to 80-100mm/s, about 30% faster than anything else in the Anycubic Mega series. Thanks to the double photoelectric limit and Z-axis double screw with impeccable precision, the output is an error-free, even print every time. And the double fan with a unique two-way heat dissipation system ensures the machine does not get too hot while working quickly to cool down newly crafted 3D models. And, with the auto-resume feature, users can count on avoiding mid-print fails and flops. This innovative machine offers the best of both worlds with its premium functions. Easier than ever and far more convenient, the Anycubic Vyper is a game changer for us at GL Robotics. This beauty works supports PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, and Wood 3D filaments! Give us a call today to learn more about it!

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