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With 3D printers more popular than ever, the options are enough to make even a technology enthusiast’s head spin. Whether you’re a novice thinking about purchasing a printer for your hobby, or a more experienced individual interested in upgrading or adding a new printer, we can help. Our comparison list of some of the most popular 3D printer brands on the market will offer details that may come in handy when making your selection.

Our Take on Popular 3D Printer Brands


AnyCubic 3D printers

If you’re looking to have your creative ideas come to life, this brand offers simplicity with classic technology and their own software. Because their software is “in-house” they can provide answers to questions you may have. GL Robotics offers customer service to those that purchase an Anycubic 3D printer from them. One of the best features is how easy these are to use right out of the box. This brand is best for novice or hobbyist who want a simple solution to their 3D printing needs without all the bells and whistles. The company has several different 3D printers to choose from, so you are sure to find a 3D printer perfect for your needs.


Prusa 3D printers

Considered some of the best printers in the industry, the Prusa 3D printers are good for both hobbyists and professionals. They are reliable, durable, and quiet. With 24-hour customer support and options to purchase ready-to-print or fully assembled, the brand makes it easy to get started on your projects immediately. Great reviews and awards earned around the world, these 3D printers are respected for their toughness and quality.  One large difference between Prusa and many other companies is that they offer open-source software. Meaning, they develop useful features, offer regular updates, and continuously improve the way your printer runs. In addition, the software can be used on most 3D printers. A major drawback to this brand is the price of their machines. They can be pretty pricey, particularly for those just getting into this type of printing.


Creality 3D printers

When it comes to bargain printers, Creality is your answer. Their prices are lower, their warranty ends sooner, and what they lack in quality is made up for in selection. If you are new to the 3D printer world and not sure where your hobby is going, these printers might be for you. With a lower price and a less quality machine, you could “try out” a 3D printer before going on to something more serious. The options found with this brand are also better for students or teenagers. Essentially, Creality is a good place to start if you’re interested in 3D printing for your hobby or school project.

How GL Robotics Can Help in Your 3D Journey

It’s no surprise that we are constantly restocking our best sellers. Our 3D printers are favored among professionals and hobbyists alike for their durability, quality, and price. The 3D printers you get at GL Robotics combine the best of all other 3D printing companies – bargain prices with premium quality above the industry standard. Our 10-day guarantee proves that we are serious about ensuring that our customers are happy with the product after purchase. We stand by our plethora of 3D printers with excellent customer service, incredible software, and excellent reviews. There’s a reason our customers come back to us. Whether it’s a referral or a previous customer coming back to add another 3D printer to their collection, we have a following that knows GL Robotics 3D printers are unmatched.

GL Robotics Filament

Whatever company from which you choose to buy your 3D printer, you can count on GL Robotics to provide premium filament to work in any of them! We have a generous variety of colors and types to give you plenty of options for your projects. We have PLA filament, premium ABS filament, PETG filament, carbon fiber, high heat PLA, ASA, Flex TPU, and semi-Flex. Whatever you’re working on, we have a filament that fits your needs. With fast shipping, live customer support and after-purchase support, and our quality guarantee, you can count on us again and again for all your filament needs.

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