3.8 mm Premium Shielded wire 800 m (2624 ft)

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Premium Safety Cable 3.8 mm is the first 3-layer Safety Cable with an infused anti-rodent repellent. Auto-Mow offers a 10-year guarantee against animal bites and garden tools!

A regular standard cable breaks typically 3,2 times within the robot mower’s lifespan, causing problems between installers and their customers. This normally ends up in warranty issues, compelling installers to reimburse their customers.

Our Premium Safety Cable is infused with a non-toxic repellent, which prevents animals from biting the cable more than once. It has a 100 % stronger metal mesh protection than our Safety Cable.

We know that time has value! And with Auto-Mow’s Premium Safety Cable, your time spending on repairs are over!

  • Sizes: 800 meters
  • Anti rodent repellent
  • 100% stronger mesh
  • 10 year repair guarantee
  • Professional installation cable
  • Fits any robotic lawn mower

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