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One of the missions of GL Robotics is to bring new technology to people who can benefit from that technology but may be too intimidated, or unaware, of its use. We want to be “Your Gateway to New Technology” and this is one of the ways we do it, working with small businesses to make their dreams, and ideas, into a reality.

Custom 3D printed Kaleidoscope parts for Paragon Creations

When art and 3D printing meet, amazing treasures are created. We know art is about unbounded imagination applied to a medium. The artist skillfully bridges the image she has in her head into something we can all enjoy leaving room for interpretation.

If you have been 3D printing for a while you know it is a lot of science and a little bit of art. Designing items that will print successfully, be recognizable, or functional takes some creativity. Many times I have come up with good ideas that would simply not print. Ok I admit it, I am not an artist. Fortunately, I have the opportunity to work with a few.

One of my favorites is Barbara Spikes. Barbara owns Paragon Creations and is an artist. Barbara, with the help of her husband Joe, makes Kaleidoscopes. Not those like the ones you played with as a kid. These are beautiful works of art.

Custom Kaleidoscope from Paragon Creations using GL Robotics

Barbara studied at the John C Campbell Folk art school learning how to combine fused glass, metal and stained-glass gaining inspiration from nature and her past experiences. She handcrafts museum quality pieces destined to become family heirlooms.

Barbara asked GL Robotics to design and print an accurate custom eye piece, lens holder and end rings for her Kaleidoscopes. 3D printing gives her the flexibility to create custom one of a kind art and maintain the quality her customer’s demand and with GL Robotics inventory of over 60 3D filament colors she is not limited in her creativity.

3D Printing for Small Business  

We took her order seriously and have kept up with her demands as her business has grown. We make sure she has the specific color filament when she needs it, one of GL Robotics’ promises. We value the partnership we have with Barbara, and other small businesses. If you have any questions regarding 3D filament, 3D printing services, or how 3D might help your business, please give contact us today!



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