Give a 3D Pen This Holiday Season!

Giving the perfect gift, particularly to the person who seems to have everything, can feel daunting. Yet there is one item that is sure to be a winner for teens and adults this year – whether it’s on their wish list or not! A 3D pen is an ideal present for anyone who loves technology, creativity, or a mixture of both. There are a variety of 3D pens on the market, at different price points, and with different levels of use and safety features. From craft hobbies to more professional use, 3D pens are a hot item for kids, teenagers, and adults. 

3D pen Uses


If you’ve poked around Pinterest or Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that 3D pens are getting a lot of coverage because they have so many uses! Essentially, a 3D pen works like a hot glue gun, but it bonds objects with the same filament used in a 3D printer. Most 3D pens use 1.75mm PLA filament. Because filament is available in such a wide range of colors, a 3D pen is a great tool to make household repairs or fix damaged items. Everything from a toy car to a kitchen stool can be easily fixed with the molten plastic used in a 3D pen. Your imagination is the limit!


Similar to 3D printers, a 3D pen enables your ideas to come to life. Unlike a 3D printer, however, you don’t need a 3D model before creating your design. You simply draw a stroke with the pen as if you were drawing a picture. The melted filament comes out in a shrill line, allowing you to build one layer onto another until your design is complete.

Some people use designs to follow and make an object, or they freehand what they think it should look like and create an amazing piece of art. There are so many different ways to use a 3D pen, it is great.


Whether for yourself or giving as a gift, it’s important to determine how the 3D pen will be used. Fused Deposition Modeling, or FDM, is about as close to a home 3D printer as you can get. It uses both PLA and ABS filament. This type of pen is best for drawing vertical lines because the filament gets hard almost instantly. Other types of pens need at least 8-10 seconds before the filament hardens. This delay can interfere with the structure of your design causing bends, flops, and drops. 

While 3D pens with a lower temperature might not be good for major projects, they are more appropriate for younger users. The low-temperature technology melts the plastic at a lower temperature, so it is much safer for little hands. Of course, children will still need adult supervision.


In short, 3D pens offer more flexibility and impromptu creativity. You can create projects or repair small objects on the fly. A 3D printer requires a project to be well thought out before commencing and is much better for sturdy projects that need to last longer. A 3D pen is a good introduction to 3D printing for a young person or hobbyist. If you have questions about 3D printers or filament, contact us! We are happy to help and discuss our wide assortment of filament options. Happy Printing!

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