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Newer, bigger, and yet still affordable, we are very excited to introduce FLSUN 3D printers to our lineup this year. Our customers will love using these unique printers for a variety of reasons including ease-of-use and performance. This world-renowned independent brand is exceptional and known for importing printers on a global scale to over 150 countries and regions. Offering a unique intervention of 3D printing with customized capabilities, the brand closely integrates their 3D printing offerings with the ability to give customers personalized customization with upgrades. With high-quality equipment and innovative craftsmanship, there is almost no limit to what these 3D printers can do. Keep reading to learn more about two of the most popular FLSUN 3D printers.

FLSUN SR Super Racer

FLSUN super racer specificationsThe latest in Delta-based 3D printers, consumers love this one for many reasons – starting with easy assembly. It comes 95% assembled, which means you’ll be up and running in no time. With a printing speed at 3-4X that of the competition and a quieter, more stable performance, this FLSUN model gets the job done in over half the printing time! Other standout characteristics include independent cooling fans to help keep the machine from overheating and better precision so you can continue working longer.

FLSUN Q5 Delta

FLSun Q5 specifications

Slightly less expensive than the Super Racer, this lightweight and compact 3D printer is easy to assemble and convenient to maintain. User friendly, this one is a great choice for those new to the world of 3D printing. The machine adopts a modular structure design, which means it is powerful, with a quieter and smoother print. The machine uses TMC2208 drive block on the XYZ axis, offers a V-shaped pulley system, uses anti-vibration and wear-resistant material, and is overall, structurally remarkable for such a compact machine.

Filament for FLSUN 3D Printers

The FLSUN machines are compatible with many common filaments that we sell. In particular, hard filaments such as PLA work extremely well. With a built-in PLA/ABS one-key warm-up function, users can get creating almost immediately. Explore our broad range of filament types and colors to help spark new ideas for your own projects.

For home use or at work, GL Robotics is excited to offer FLSUN 3D printers that have a wide range of customized printing capabilities for a more tailored user experience. As always, we promise to provide quality printers with exceptional performance, backed with our after service support. Contact us today to get started on your 3D printing journey.

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