PETG Filament

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Color: Black
Size: 1.75mm
Weight: 1Kg
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PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol Comonomer) 3D Printing Filament

We sell premium PETG that is superior to what most others have put on the market.  We buy our material from reputable sources and have tested every material we sell on dozens of different machines for printability and performance. We are constantly testing our filament quality against other filaments and any new products that may surface on the market.  A maker who is used to inexpensive, foreign PETG will be blown away by the finished product from our filament. 

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the most commonly used plastic in the world. You can find the polymer almost everywhere you look, from your water bottle to clothing fibers, even in your food containers. PETG is a Glycol Modified version of PET. It is a semi-rigid material with good impact resistance, but it has a slightly softer surface which makes it prone to wear. Benefits of this material include:

  • Great impact resistance
  • Natural color is very clear
  • Excellent chemical resistance for a clear plastic
  • Much stronger and heat resistant than both ABS/PLA
  • PETG is a transparent thermoplastic which is an excellent choice for applications that require durability and clarity.
  • Manufactured in the USA from 100% virgin resin and then spooled onto 750-gram reels, then the filament is then vacuum-sealed with desiccant. 

Recommended Print Conditions:
  • Extruder Temp: 245 -250°C
  • Bed Temp: 90°C



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
PETG is all good

The filament worked good for the project I was working on.. only thing, due to my laptop having a poor screen, the color I was trying to match up with the PLA was a little off.. anyway, use it..

Zane C. Smith Rocky Mountain Imagination
Fantastic results

This PETG is the best I have used. Quite amazing how much better my prototypes come out.
Print head temp = 245, Bed temp = 80. enclosure temp = 85, cooling = 0 % start - 20% finish.

jason diodati
So far the best I've used

This is the first Petg I have been able to successfully print with from start to finish with no adjustments I love it

Good stuff

I wanted to try out the GLR PETG black filament but all they had available was the 5lb roll. I took a chance and ordered it. Wow! This is good filament, very strong and clean. Highly recommend.

Glenn U.

I have been ordering from GL Robotics for about 6 months. Quick turnaround from order to reception. Yjey have good quality product.

Thank you. We appreciate your business.

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